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Become a ZAK instructor and share your knowledge with others.

Our mission is to create new possibilities for our learners by opening knowledge to all, from all - which is where you come in. If you are driven to empower learners to achieve their goals and share your knowledge with others, then teaching with ZAK is the perfect opportunity for you.

Why teach with ZAK?

Inspire learners with your courses by sharing your knowledge and helping them explore their interests, open up potential career prospects, and gain new skills.

Publish the courses that you want, in the way that you want, and always have control of your own content. You can plan your own curriculum, record your video, and launch your course all under your own terms.

You will get rewarded by earning money on each paid/purchased course, and it is free to create and publish a course with us.

Become a ZAK instructor and join a thriving community of thousands of instructors from all over the world, and expand your expertise and professional network!

How do I start?

Step 1.

Click the "Get started!" button at the bottom of this page and become a ZAK instructor, get approved and then you can start!

Step 2.

Design/create your course on a topic of your choice, and plan your teaching.

Step 3.

The next step is for you to record your course video to be uploaded onto the ZAK website.

You can either capture your screen or use a smartphone/DSLR camera depending on your content.

Make sure you have a good microphone to record audio, and you are all set!

Step 4.

You can now upload your course to our site (with the help of our team if needed) and go live!

Your course will then be discoverable on our website and you will be able to earn revenue from each enrolment.

Get support as and when you need it

Our ZAK Support team will be here to answer any questions that you have regarding uploading your courses, teaching with us, and they will review your video and help you through the process.

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